Tipton County: Small-town values with big opportunities

In Tipton County, you’ll find an interesting combination: advanced business facilities surrounded by communities with small-town values and old-fashioned work ethics. Our location in Indiana’s agricultural belt is close to key manufacturing centers, giving our local economy the best of both worlds. That becomes even easier when you consider the excellent connectivity our county offers. Interstate-quality U.S. 31 provides fast access to Indianapolis and its international airport’s cargo facilities to the south, and is just minutes from the Hoosier Heartland Highway, which offers quick connections to several interstates and key markets. We also have multiple Norfolk Southern lines, giving companies that need rail access plenty of choices. All those factors combine to make us a great place for logistics centers.


Our residents have a long history of keeping the area’s manufacturers strong and productive. And, as industries have transitioned into advanced manufacturing techniques, their skills have grown. That’s why companies in metalworking industries, as well as in aircraft and automotive components, have chosen to locate here.


Tipton County is covered with extensive corn and soybean acreage. That productive ground has attracted a broad range of agricultural businesses, from seed companies to businesses that supply the components that keep farmers at work. Coupled with an impressive supply of fresh water, those resources make the county a very desirable site for food processing companies.


Local residents are proud of the skills they’ve developed over generations, and they keep their knowledge sharp through workplace programs and educational resources like our Ivy Tech Community College campus. Workers can obtain certification that proves their skills in areas such as Advanced Manufacturing and Production Technology, and employers can turn to Ivy Tech for assistance in developing programs focused on the specific skills they need.