Howard County: Supporting entrepreneurs and building world-class brainpower

Howard County is at the center of so much of Indiana’s economic activity, both figuratively and literally. We’re located at the center of the state, and bisected by U.S. 31, which has just been upgraded to Interstate quality. Beyond providing a fast route to Indianapolis and South Bend, U.S. 31 also gives local companies quick access to the newly completed Interstate-grade Hoosier Heartland Highway. Our area also offers Class 1 rail service from Norfolk Southern, with local connections and friendly service from two short lines, the Central Railroad of Indianapolis and Winamac Southern. All that connectivity — along with a strong industrial base — makes our county an excellent site for logistics and distribution operations.


Howard County has long been known as a manufacturing powerhouse, and as American industry has embraced advanced manufacturing approaches, we’ve been at the forefront. That’s particularly true in the increasingly sophisticated components that are improving the world’s cars and trucks. Local companies are turning electronics research and development, advanced materials, and advanced manufacturing into the brains and brawn for tomorrow’s transportation.


We couldn’t be at the forefront of advanced manufacturing without residents who accept the challenges of acquiring and employing new skills. So it’s no surprise that even in a community with a reputation for industry, knowledge has always been critically important. Local K-12 schools challenge students with top-tier academics such as International Baccalaureate programs, along with engineering-focused instruction through Project Lead the Way. Indiana University regional campus in Kokomo offers more than 70 undergraduate and graduate programs in addition to housing Purdue College of Technology programs.  We’re also home to an Ivy Tech Community College campus that offers classes and customized training in the skills needed by today’s most innovative manufacturers.