Fulton Country: A great industrial environment with an intelligent workforce

Fulton County offers a quieter way of life, with quick access to everywhere your company needs to be. Our county is bisected by Interstate-grade U.S. 31, offering businesses fast connections to U.S. 30 and the Indiana Toll Road to the north, and to the new Hoosier Heartland Highway to the south. We’re also served by the Fulton County Railroad short line, which provides connections to nearby Class 1 lines.

That location and our hardworking residents make us a great choice for companies in the logistics industry, such as distribution centers. With high-quality roads and no urban congestion, your loads can get where they’re headed much more quickly.


Our area features thousands of acres of prime farmland, so we’re home to extensive corn, soybean, and hog operations and the companies that support America’s farmers. That access to raw materials, an abundance of fresh, clean water, and workers who are familiar with the special needs associated with food production make us a natural choice for companies in the food industry.


Our area’s agricultural heritage is reflected in local workers’ ability to get the job done faster and smarter. That has carried over into manufacturing, where our hard-working residents have been quick to adapt to the changing needs of manufacturers. You’ll find plenty of CNC machinery at work in Fulton County, along with a steady supply of operators who have the skills companies need and the work ethic they appreciate. We’ve also put that innovative spirit to work in finding better ways for recycling materials.


Education has always been important in Fulton County, and our local K-12 schools are listening carefully to employers and ensuring that students learn needed skills. For example, they’ve added Project Lead the Way classes to provide basic engineering skills. Fulton County’s Ivy Tech Community College campus offers both broad-based education and customized training. Workers can receive Advancing Manufacturing and Production Technician certifications.