A resource-rich area with well over 400,000 eager workers

What is North Central Indiana? It’s a six-county region in the heart of Indiana’s agribusiness and manufacturing core, centrally located within in the state and the surrounding area, and home to more than 400,000 workers. In fact, we’re fortunate to have remarkable connectivity in all directions, with Interstate-quality state and federal highways that put six of the nation’s main Interstates within an hour. We’re also close to major freight hubs and international airports, including the FedEx Indianapolis hub. Our region is also home to the Grissom Aeroplex and its 12,500 foot runway, the longest in the State of Indiana.

Our partner countries provide a sustainable mix of wide-open rural land, picturesque and highly livable small towns, and medium-size cities that provide affordable living for workers and the kinds of resources you’d normally associate with bigger cities.

That mix of locations and resources explains what has drawn such a wide range of companies in growth industries to our area. As you look around, you’ll see companies involved in advanced manufacturing, agricultural production, food processing, logistics facilities, and serving the aerospace industry. Learn more about our partner counties by pressing the buttons below.