Our workers understand what it takes to feed the world

North Central Indiana has been proud to play a role in feeding the world for more than a century. Our area was settled by farmers who turned prairie into some of the world’s most productive agricultural land -land that continues to produce massive quantities of corn, soybeans, and hogs. That production, coupled with abundant amounts of fresh water, sewer capacity, and low-cost utilities, has also made our region particularly attractive to companies that produce food for consumers.

Fast distribution is also important to food and beverage companies, and once again, our region excels. Our network of Interstate-quality state and federal highways moves traffic throughout the area very efficiently, and ties into six of the nation’s main Interstate highways. Rail service includes multiple lines from both Norfolk Southern and CSX, as well as several regional and short line carriers.

Land costs are also remarkably affordable, which is particularly appealing to food and beverage makers with facilities that need large footprints and rail access. Add in Indiana’s business-friendly attitude, with right-to-work laws and delightfully low business taxes and workers comp premiums, and you’ll find so many great reasons to bring your business to North Central Indiana.