We’ve always been on the leading edge of manufacturing technology

There’s a long tradition of manufacturing and
fabrication in North Central Indiana -and a long
tradition of innovation. Our partner counties had
companies using advanced manufacturing
technologies long before “advanced
manufacturing” became a popular term.
That’s because those businesses supplied
leading aerospace, automotive, and agribusiness
companies with components and products that
kept them competitive. That tradition continues
today throughout North Central Indiana for
several reasons. One of the most important is that
our region has an abundance of quality-focused
workers with the skills today’s manufacturers need. And they keep those skills sharp, thanks to strong educational resources that work in
partnership with employers. Another key reason is our region’s impressive connectivity. We’re well-served by a network of Interstate-quality state and federal highways that put six of the nation’s main Interstates within an hour, and by Class 1 and short line rail service. That means manufacturers can get the raw materials they need on time, and ship finished products quickly. We also have plenty of affordable land, existing facilities ready to be repurposed for your needs, and business-friendly characteristics such as low taxes, low workers comp premiums, and the fact that Indiana is a right-to-work state.