LOCATION: So much to offer -- and so well-connected

How important is it for your business to be connected with the rest of the world? The more important connectivity is to your success, the more you’ll appreciate North Central Indiana. Our area is crisscrossed by Interstate-quality state and federal highways that put six of the nation’s main Interstates within an hour. That network of divided highways allows your shipments to travel safely and quickly, which is especially important if your products are perishable or time-sensitive. It also means you can get raw material when you need it, without worries about heavy traffic or bottlenecks.

Need to ship or receive in larger qualities? Our partner counties are served by two Class 1 railroads and a number of regional rail carriers, with a wide variety of sites and existing facilities adjacent to rail lines. If air cargo is important, you’ll appreciate the operations at the Grissom Aeroplex, with its 12,500 foot runway; Fort Wayne International Airport just north of Kokomo; the Indianapolis International Airport and FedEx hub; South Bend International Airport; and the public-use regional airport at Purdue University.